About Us

Our Mission is to provide freshly roasted, premium coffee for ever-day enjoyment. We use our leverage as buyers to assure our green coffees are farmed, processed, shipped and distributed in a way that’s friendly to workers, farms and the environment.  

We believe that we are all created equal and should treat each other with respect, kindness and love.

I started roasting coffee at home in 2006. It seemed to be a natural progression from wine making, beer brewing,and gardening. It's a hands-on approach that has brought me years of joy, and challenges. 

My first roaster was a Fresh Roast SR500. It's a fun machine with almost no control and very few variables. It's basically "Dump in 3.2 ounces of green coffee, turn it on, adjust the lost of the beans and wait for 1st crack". 

Dragon Fire Coffee Roasters was opened in 2021. It was time to take a chance and dive into something that I love.