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 This is the Blueberry Muffin Mix of coffees!

Drawing from smallholder producers in the Quiche region of Guatemala, Joyabaj is grown between 1,600 and 1,700 meters above sea level. Natural all the way, the cherries at intake are floated to eliminate any under-mature beans, and rested for 8 hours to lend a subtle fermented flavor - unveiling a bounty of fruity and floral notes.

Further dried in the sun, the beans are placed on drying patios and African beds, continually whisked to ensure even drying; all of which takes 8-10 days. Aromas of roasted almonds and caramelized brown sugar waft from the cup, tempting you to savor the complexity as you sip.


Medium Roast.

One 12-Ounce Bag

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This coffee is fantastic! I don’t like flavored coffee, but this one has just a hint of blueberry, and doesn’t over power you with it. I’m going to be ordering this again!

Hello Denise,

Thank you for the wonderful review. This coffee is really amazing. And it's only flavored my Mother Nature!


Dave Davis
I absolutely love this coffee

Ran into you guys in DeKalb two weeks ago at the alley art fest. Got this one and the Black Dragon Blend. My wife and I are hooked on both. In fact I'm drinking a pot of this one right now. The flavor profile is amazing. That blueberry crumble flavor that is all natural, is wild! You sold me at the booth, but now I don't want to give it up! LOL Thanks for being there and online. When we go through what we have, I'll be trying and ordering more.

Hi Dave,

That's awesome! I served over 1,000 tastes of that coffee at Coffeecon this weekend. And I saw 1,000+ shocked faces. The blueberry muffin mix aroma and taste is absolutely amazing. You nailed the flavor.

Thank you for the review. We will be ready when you order again.


Eric B

This is such a unique coffee experience. Never had anything like it. A tea/blueberry muffin scent and flavor. Almost yeasty and floral also. I flippin love this stuff!


Thank you for the review and for being an amazing customer. This coffee is so strange yet so much fun. It's not easy to tell people that a coffee that smells and tastes like a blueberry muffin is what they need in their lives.

Tasty cuppa

Very blueberry muffin flavor and aroma, would be great with some baked goods.

Thank you for the review, Ross. I totally agree. It's a bit shocking and kind of set me back a little after the first sip. Now it's grown on me and I can't give it up.